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AWESOME! sums up my opinion of Alaska Lifestyle Health and Dr. Z (Dr. Zuckerman). As I move thru the decades of life, I have come to see and understand the challenges with aging. Also I am now aware of the challenges of selective breeding and the choices we make thru life. I have learned about the correlation between our life style, aging, habits (good or bad), and what & where we want to go. After surviving several decades of life, I started to see that I was not as healthy as I use to be. I needed a change; but had no clue what needed to be changed. I am not a person who goes to the doctor, unless I have to. However, it was suggested I talk with Dr. Z at Alaska Lifestyle Health. What an amazing journey. The first part of the journey was a candid interview. (I had to be honest, as lab results don't lie.) Then came the reality check. Dr. Z basically tells it as it - good or bad. In my case it was not all that great and more importantly, it was not what he said but how he said it. That was my wake up call. As we go thru life, we develop blinders to things around us. I was not able to (or maybe did not want to see) what I had been doing to myself. Anyway, after our brief but very candid talk, it was clear that I needed to change or I was going to die. Of course how does one person change? So Dr. Z provided a great natural plan and way to change the many years of not so great life choices. Of course I was skeptical of using natural products and doing some simple changes. Well, after a short period of time, the results are nothing short of amazing. I have more energy and my body has made some significant changes for the better. And the best part is that I feel great and so does my body. I strongly believe Dr. Z has given me a new shot at life.

Ernie M.

When I first met with Maryann I was feeling like my age was catching up with me and I was hoping that I could find a way to start feeling like myself again. I was suffering from vaginal dryness, my libido had dropped significantly, my energy level was low and I was finding it much more difficult to lose weight than it had in the past. Because of the sexual changes I was experiencing my self-esteem was suffering and I was feeling very insecure within my relationship. I had also suffered for years with very heavy periods with severe cramps and mood swings that interfered with my daily life. Since I started on the hormones that Maryann prescribed for me I have more energy, my libido is 100% better, my self-esteem has improved and my periods have been reduced from 7 days to 3 days without cramps and without the mood swings. My quality of life has improved significantly with the hormone therapy and I am very thankful that with Maryann's help that I was able to reclaim my passionate nature and my zest for life.

Julie S.

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