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About Us

About Us

About Northwest Lifestyle Health
Our Patient Partnership

These days, most people go to the doctor’s office when they have a physical concern or illness. There, you get 5-10 minutes with the physician, receive a diagnosis (and probably a prescription), and then you’re on your own again until the next ailment. These interactions condition us to be passive about our own health and health care–waiting for illness to strike and then looking to someone else for its cure.

By the way, we’re not knocking modern medicine. We’re credentialed medical professionals who’ve worked in both hospitals and private practice. Doctors and nurses leave medical schools specifically trained to alleviate suffering by treating patients’ symptoms. That’s our goal and most of us do it well.

That said, we think people do better and stay healthier when they have a role to play in the process.

In our work together, we hope and expect you to be more than a passive recipient of diagnoses and therapies. We hope and expect that you’ll play an active role in understanding the underlying causes of why you feel the way you do. We hope and expect that you’ll commit to your treatment program.

At Northwest Lifestyle Health, we treat you as a valuable partner in improving your overall health and vitality.

Our Philosophy

We come to our work with several core beliefs:

  • check-mark-1We believe in evidence-based treatments
  • check-mark-1We believe in going after root causes, not just treating symptoms
  • check-mark-1We believe in vital aging

We also believe the body is an amazing machine. It has an awe-inspiring ability to repair and regenerate itself. When we’re young, we rebound so quickly and so often that we take it for granted. As we get older, however, our bodies gradually lose that ability to regenerate and repair. By small degrees, we begin to compensate, little by little accepting our reduced abilities, and living with our new aches and pains.

At Northwest Lifestyle Health, we know some things most people don’t. We know why the body slowly loses its healing power. And we know how to correct it. We know there’s no reason to give up your sex life, live with incontinence, or even to accept wrinkles and joint pain and other outward signs of a well-lived life. We also know that the cure lies within your own body, and you don’t have to trade your vitality for drugs.

We’re here to help replace and repair naturally and sustainably what time and use have taken away.