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Before and After

Before and After

“Before working with Dr. Zuckerman and being a part of his weight loss program I struggled with my weight and feeling functional in my everyday life. Dr. Zuckerman provided me with guidance on how to change my eating and exercise habits to not only help me lose weight but keep it off. He took the time to personalize a plan just for me based on my needs. I have lost a total of 49 pounds and am now able to keep up with everyday life. It feels great to be a more active part of my children’s lives and not just sitting on the sidelines. Joining his program has been the by far the best decision I have made for my health in years.”

Loretta Peterson

“The first picture was taken last summer (2018) on a 4 wheeler ride. We tried to find a rock to try to hide behind when some friends asked to take our picture.

The second picture was taken last weekend when we made our 8 mile hike up Heart Mountain. Last year we would have NEVER even attempted such a thing! Lol

The final picture was also taken this summer, and you can tell by our demeanor, that life is good right now!!

Together we have lost nearly 100lbs. i have lost 46 and Nevin has nearly 50.

It was super hard to find “BEFORE” photos, because I didn’t ever want my picture taken. I was also embarrassed by my eczema that often flared up on my hands and face. My skin stays clear most of the time now, and i can usually pinpoint what I have eaten, that I shouldn’t have, when I do have a small flare up.

We both have much more energy and are enjoying life and each other more!

We are extremely thankful for Dr. Z and his program.”

Deb Jacobs

“In January 2018 I was overweight. But I wasn’t just overweight I was sick. I was exhausted, I was aching, and I was sad.

First I made a phone call Northwest Lifestyle Health. I met with them, then I had a blood test, then I received a tailored plan from them. That plan changed my life; and I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that it saved my life.

It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t that hard either. I followed my diet without cheating, I took my supplements religiously, I did everything like my life depended on it – because it does.

I lost over 80 pounds in less than a year with my doctor’s plan. What I gained was my life back. My children have the mother I always wanted for them. I feel young, energetic, happy, and confident.

I reached my goal weight in December 2018 and 9 months later I haven’t gained a single pound back. I’m not just thin, I am healthy.

I feel compelled to share my story with anyone who will listen and try to encourage them to take control of their health and future. I know the positive changes and the happiness that can be achieved in just a little time with just a little commitment.”

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