PRP Therapy for Joint Pain

PRP Therapy for Joint Pain

Using PRP Therapy to Reduce Your Joint Pain

Suffering from joint pain can make basic daily tasks unnecessarily difficult. Before you decide to go for a surgery or another invasive procedure to get your much-needed relief, you should consider PRP therapy. PRP therapy has been used for decades to help reduce inflammation in the body, and in turn, decrease joint pain.  Anyone suffering from a disease or injury to their joints should consider getting PRP therapy to enjoy a pain-free life again.

What is PRP Therapy for Joint Pain?

PRP, or Platelet-Rich Plasma, therapy for joints, ligaments and tendons is a medical procedure that involves utilizing your own blood to help repair your injuries. In this process, a medical professional at Northwest Lifestyle Health will first draw your blood from another part of your body, such as your arm.

This blood will then be separated through a centrifuge into different components. The platelet-rich component of your blood ( which is rich in growth factors and other important elements that are necessary for tissue repair) will be reinjected into your body at the area of injury to reduce your pain and to potentially help speed up the healing process.

Is PRP for Joint Pain Effective?

A Platelet-Rich Plasma injection can significantly reduce the amount of pain you are experiencing. The results of each injection will last around six months to a year, after which you can opt to get subsequent injections to maintain optimal pain relief.

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Who Should Consider PRP Therapy for Joint Pain?

You might be disappointed after trying other popular treatments such as taking anti-inflammatory medication or getting chiropractic treatments in an attempt to alleviate your pain, without seeing any significant results. If you find yourself in such a situation, you should consider PRP.

PRP therapy is a great option for anyone suffering from any form of joint pain. Whether your pain is caused by arthritis, a sports injury, or carpal tunnel syndrome, you may find relief through a Platelet-Rich Plasma injection.

How Many Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections Will I Need to Get Relief?

A health practitioner at Northwest Lifestyle Health can help you figure out a plan that works best for you based on how severe your pain is and based on your current health situation. Many individuals find the relief they’re looking for after one injection, while others need multiple injections before they get the relief they desire.

Each person is different and will require a different level of therapy based on their medical history and other related factors.

Speak to a health expert at Northwest Lifestyle Health today to alleviate your joint pain through PRP therapy and to discuss other options available to get you back to good health again.